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Name Code Type
1CHI566: China's century of revolutions: from 1895-1980 1CHI566 Module
2 Test 2TEST Module
Alternative therapies ALT002 Module
Arts and Humanities AH Department
Business Economics BE Faculty
Computer Science NEW Department
Course of RG ED Course
Course of RG 2 RG2 Course
Creative Industries Faculty 21 Faculty
Digital Identity DI Faculty
DMU Testing DMU2016 Module
Engineering ENG101 Module
Escape Studios ESC Faculty
Faculty of Health EDFAC03 Faculty
Faculty of Management and Law FAC04 Faculty
Faculty of Sciences EDFAC01 Faculty
Faculty of Social Sciences FAC05 Faculty
Faculty of Social Sciences EDFAC02 Faculty
Glasgow GLASGOW Module
Glasgow 2 GLASGOW2 Module
Greenwich SSLT_LAW School
Insight course 9999 Module
Law LL Module
Learning & Teaching Unit 61 Faculty
Library 64 Faculty
Module on Mary Berry 00999 Module
Number 1 NUM1 Module
Number 2 NUM2 Module
Number 3 NUM3 Module
Pearson Business School PEA Faculty
Personality, Intelligence and Psychometrics MOD002513 Module
QUT International College 65 Faculty
Rollover Demo ROLL0002 Module
Rollover Demo Module ROLLOVER1 Module
School of Art, Design & Computer Science ADC School
School of Education EDU School
School of Health Sciences HSC School
School of History HIST01 School
School of Humanities, Religion & Philosophy HRP School
School of Invention SCHINV School
School of Languages & Linguistics LAL School
School of Nigel and Paul SCHNP002 Module
School of Performance & Media Production PMP School
School of Psychological & Social Sciences PSS School
School of Sport SPO School
School of Zena ZA001 School
Science and Engineering Faculty 32 Faculty
Service Users' and Carers' Perspectives in Social Work and Social Care - SOW6007-B SOW6007-B Module
Strategisk Økonomistyring BAK3651 Course
Student Numbers ST123 Module
Student Numbers STU01 Module
Talis Test TALISTEST Faculty
Test 2 St Marys MG320 Module
Test moving department TESTDEP111 Department
Testing for SHU SHUTEST Module
Testing health 123 Course
Testing hierarchy demo1 DEMO01 Faculty
The Faculty of Invention TIM1 Department
University Wide 96 Faculty

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